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Diversified Products: The Company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of in-line cleaning machines, including PCB In-line Cleaning Machine, BGA In-line Cleaning Machine, BGA Package Circuit Board In-line Cleaning Machine, Stamping Part In-line Cleaning Machine, Wafer Automatic Cleaning Machine, Battery In-line Cleaning Machine, Glass Automatic Cleaning Machine, Magazine Cleaning Machine, SMT In-line Reflow Oven Cleaning Machine as well as TFT-LCD In-line Cleaning Machine. So far, our manufacturing skills and products have expanded to PCB, SMT, Semi-conductor, Photonics and Automation industries. As the space of old plant was too small to use, we removed to our new plant in Linkou at the beginning of 2006. To work in new plant, the Company can raise its leadership and market share in regard to in-line cleaning machines for hi-tech and automation industries.

Patent Technique: To improve reject factor in the process of cleaning TFT/LCD, semi-conductor packages, mother boards and PCB, the Company has devised in-line cleaning machines by using special-design new bags and two-layer conveying structure. These machines have obtained utility model patents in Taiwan, China, Singapore and Malaysia. With server wheel conveyer, every sheet of material can be conveyed steadily in order to assure that every sheet can be efficiently cleaning without damaging its surface. Moreover, the pressure temperature for spraying, drying and baking has been precisely calculated, so it can achieve washing and drying effects easily. For the BGA package circuit board, its lightweight and compact conveyer can also convey every pieces of package circuit board satisfactorily.


Technical Development Capability: The Company has developed some new machines for the purpose of improvement of various cleaning processes in cooperation with a local leading semi-conductors company, including Lead Frame Cleaning Machine, Flip Chip Cleaning Machine as well as Automatic Cover Plate Contraction Machine. The application of automation can greatly save human resources. Besides, these two products have been duly certified by CE (German).


Sales Service Ability: With a strong technical team, our sales or after-sales technical service has won high praise from electronic companies at home and abroad. In addition to recommendation by Taiwanese firms, the Company also has sales agents in Singapore and Korea and sales centers in East China, South China and Suzhou.

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