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Both the Government and the private companies have made strenuous efforts in developing automation over these years. In July 1990, the Automation Team of Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) promoted an Industry Decade Plan together with other related government agencies. In 1998, the percentage of automatic equipment has been increased from 31% to more than 67.60%. Evidently, the automation is very important for all sectors.


The Company has started processing and manufacturing electronic PCB equipment since 1990. In 1994, the Company needed the Flux for cleaning production lines in the process of making mother boards and interface cards; as a result, the Company started in researching and developing cleaning equipment (PCB in-line cleaning machine) and set up Yang Huca Industry Co., Ltd.. In addition to creation of a brand of our own, the Company also took part in many shows and exhibitions. After a local famous company provided us the BGA data at an exhibition, we found that BGA is very compact. Since the cleaning job was done by the different stations, the connection to the production lines became impossible. Due to waste of labor, poor efficiency, reduction of production capacity as well as increase of costs, the Company finally developed BGA In-line Cleaning Machine in the wake of continuous researches and improvements by our technical staffs.




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